Tips To Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

Looking for a stunning diamond engagement ring with a lot of bling? You’ll be relieved to learn that there are several techniques to enhance the appearance of your ring.

Some diamond engagement ring buyers make the mistake of focusing just on the center diamond’s carat weight as a predictor of the final look – but this is far from the only factor to consider. While a large center diamond may not be in everyone’s budget, there are still a number of techniques to make your ring appear larger and more dazzling. To assist couples looking for engagement ring settings, we’ve compiled a list of useful hints and techniques for making your diamond band appear larger and more gleaming.

1. Pay attention to the cut

When choosing your diamond, we recommend putting cut first! A diamond’s cut dictates how well it will reflect light based on the angles and facets it was cut with. The Gemological Institute of America grades a diamond’s cut as excellent, very good, good, or fair. The better the diamond’s cut, the more light it will reflect and appear larger.

Nothing determines a diamond’s overall attractiveness more than its cut, which is more important than its carat weight, clarity, or color. The expertise with which a diamond is cut impacts how well it reflects and refracts light, and thus how much fire, sparkle, and brightness it possesses. A well-cut diamond with enhanced color and clarity will typically appear larger than a poorly-cut diamond of the same carat weight.

2. Diamond Shapes with a Twist

Another factor that influences the size of a diamond is its form. Diamonds come in a variety of forms, including round, princess, and oval. However, the mass of each diamond shape is distributed differently. Some diamond shapes have greater mass on the table (the diamond’s top), making them appear larger per carat.

Round diamonds are the most brilliant, classic, and popular diamond form for engagement rings, but they are also the most expensive per carat weight. For those wishing to make their ring appear larger or more unusual, fancy shaped diamonds – any shape other than round – are a terrific option. Oval, emerald, pear, marquise, and radiant diamonds have more surface area per carat weight than round diamonds, giving them the appearance of taking up more room on your finger.

Oval diamonds are a popular choice among people who desire a classic-style engagement ring while also wanting to maximize the size of their engagement ring’s central diamond. Oval cut diamonds appear to be larger in size per carat than round diamonds, yet they have a similar classic appearance. Because ovals are elongated and take up a lot of space on your ring finger, they appear larger. Similarly, the oblong form of a marquise or emerald shape gives the impression of a larger stone. All three cuts appear to be larger in size than their actual carat weight.

3. Stay away from certain diamond shapes.

Some diamond shapes appear larger per carat, while others appear smaller per carat. Avoid asscher cut and princess diamonds if you want the largest-looking diamond possible within your budget. Because of the way they’re carved, both of these shapes hide a lot of their weight beneath their tables.

If you’re seeking for a larger-appearing diamond but staying inside your budget, round diamonds are another shape to avoid. Marquise, pear, oval, and emerald diamonds appear smaller per carat than round diamonds. Then there’s the fact that they’re usually a lot more pricey. Round diamonds are by far the most expensive diamond form, partly because of demand (round is the most popular diamond shape) and partly because the round diamond cutting procedure produces more raw diamond waste.

4. Include a Halo

Halo ring designs are quite popular for a reason. Surrounding the core diamond with a halo of smaller glittering diamonds, similar to an optical illusion, will increase the overall effect of your diamond ring, making the center stone appear larger. The diamond ring that surrounds the central diamond gives it a considerably greater appearance.
In most situations, it enhances the appearance of your center stone by a half-carat or more. To create an even bigger distinction, choose a halo with larger diamonds, or double the halo for double the impact!

5. Color and Clarity

Diamond color and clarity, unlike diamond cut, have little bearing on how massive a diamond seems. If size is your first goal, remember that lowering diamond color and clarity will help you stretch your center stone budget farther. Allowing yourself to be flexible with your color and clarity grades allows you to spend more money on a diamond with a higher carat weight but still a Very Good or Excellent cut.

Setting your main diamond in white metal (and, if your design includes one, a halo) will help to increase the apparent size of your diamond. Platinum, white gold, or palladium are all options. Don’t worry if you like yellow or rose gold; you can have the band in any gold hue you want. Yellow gold with platinum prongs is a timeless option.

If this is your first time shopping for an engagement ring, halo settings are a terrific way to add drama and impact to your ring. They’re also a good choice if you want to replace your existing engagement ring. For a fraction of the expense of upgrading your present center diamond, you may replace the setting on your current engagement ring with a halo setting and receive a much larger-looking band.

6. Adding sub diamonds to the sides – Rings with three stones

Isn’t it true that three diamonds appear to be larger than one? If you place a diamond on both sides of your center stone, it will appear larger right away because the pattern will cover more of your finger. If you’re a fan of halos but can’t decide between a halo and a three-stone design, keep in mind that you can have both! For maximum impact, add halos to all three diamonds in your three-stone ring.

Three stone rings have long been a popular choice due to their romantic symbolism of a couple’s past, present, and future.

Two smaller diamond accents around the core diamond in three stone styles, making the center diamond appear larger and more spectacular. The Tapered Three Stone Diamond Ring’s gently tapered ring draws the eye even more to the center diamond, making it appear larger.

7. Cleaning on a Schedule

Maintaining the appearance and shine of your diamond ring once you have it is important. A dingy ring will appear drab and unimpressive in comparison to a sparkling clean diamond. Jewelry cleanser, polishing cloths, or a few drops of dish soap in warm water should suffice for an at-home remedy! After washing, dry your rings with soft, lint-free cloths to eliminate any excess oil and film. When drying, keep an eye out for snags!

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